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Company overview

AZX Consultoria Financeira’s main mission is to offer strategic business solutions and opportunities to clients seeking expertise and know-how in a wide range of segments, mainly financial assets and equity management.
Combining financial expertise and legal expertise, our consultants offer a wide range of services, from the search for the best investments, process and contract monitoring, risk analysis and business management in the United States, Europe and Asia.

In an environment where entrepreneurs have to deal daily with new international regulations, numerous requirements for bank compliances, while they need to be prepared for the instability of the financial world, it is our role to guide our clients in order to manage risks, find new opportunities and enhance the performance of your business.


Our Team

We offer innovative and assertive solutions to your equity or business through a multidisciplinary team of international lawyers and financial consultants, real estate agents and economists in their varied degrees of expertise. We align our competencies with the challenges of the global market, ensuring that the services offered always exceed our customers’ expectations.

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